ADEA Micro-credentials Overview

What is ADEA Micro-credentialing?

The ADEA Micro-credentialing Program is a way to verify that your individual professional development has been put into practice. It is a way to clearly communicate these achievements to employers and peers, as well to assist with lifelong learning. 

How does it work?

ADEA members identify a skill to develop and submit evidence that they have mastered the skill. To participate in a micro-credential program:

  1. Select the button below to browse the growing catalog of ADEA Micro-credentials (A list of ADEA Micro-credentials is also at the bottom of this page)

    View and Register for ADEA Micro-credentials
  2. Register for the micro-credential you would like to pursue and view its associated requirements. All ADEA Micro-credentials include tailored:
    1. Overview/background Questions
    2. Reflective Essays
    3. Work-based portfolio artifacts
  3. If needed, seek professional development in that subject area. Each micro-credential includes references to core resources which can be supplemented by ADEA events, upcoming webinars, on-demand courses, the Journal of Dental Education or any other relevant source (e.g. professional development at your local institution). 
  4. Gather work-based evidence and draft your written responses. 
  5. Submit for peer-review on ADEA eLearn.

What do I get if successful?

Each earner of an ADEA Micro-credential is issued a unique and verifiable digital badge. 

What is a unique and verifiable digital badge?

Every ADEA Micro-credential badge issued contains meta-data in it that is unique to the earner and cannot be modified. When someone (e.g. a peer, current or prospective employer) views the meta-data, they can see when you earned the badge, what requirements it took to earn the micro-credential and even the work sample you submitted (if requested). 

Digital badges can be embedded in your social media profile (LinkedIn is most common), email signature or CV. 


Additional questions? 

See our FAQ for other common questions.